Practicioner Advancement, 200HR & 300HR Vidya Yoga Teacher Training Programs

Led by Senior Instructor, ERYT-500, & Certified Yoga Therapist Robin Hall

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Practitioner Advancement

For those interested in learning about yoga beyond the poses!

We’ll cover

*The Origins of Yoga

*Yoga Philosophy

*Introduction to Meditation

…and so much more!

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200HR & 300HR Teacher Trainings & Certifications

Learn about yoga including :

The Origin of Yoga

Basic Poses & Pose Sequencing

Yoga Anatomy

…and so much more!

WildSide Yoga is proud to offer the following education opportunities for students looking to advance their practice as well as teacher certification programs:

  • Practitioner Advancement

  • 200HR Teacher Training & Certification

  • 300HR Teacher Training & Certification

Interested in taking your practice to new heights, increase your understanding of all things yoga, and perhaps the possibility of serving others through teaching?

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