Part 1 - Sat, Jan 21st: Connection To The Divine Feminine

In the first part of this workshop we will discuss the energy of the divine feminine and how we can connect with it and with other women. Topics we will cover are : societies depiction of women, how to connect with ourselves and others, how to love ourselves and others, why we may have experienced bad situations with women in the past, how to attract women into our lives that want deep connection and a sisterhood like friendship, and how dance, especially belly dance, helps us with these things. I will also share my own personal story of reclaiming my femininity. After we talk the movement begins! Gentle movements will be introduced and we will engage in group movement as well. This will prepare us for the second part of the workshop that will be more body, movement, and dance focused. Concluding our workshop we will do a guided meditation and have a discussion after for anyone that wants to share the things they felt, thought, or realized over the course of our two hours together. These workshops are a place to learn, release fear, share, be vulnerable, grow and connect. Come with an open heart and open mind.

Part 2 - Sat, Jan 28th: Title: Using Dance To Strengthen The Spirit & Mind

Part two of our workshop starts where we left off from part one. We will open with a brief discussion on things that may have been done or realizations that may have occurred over the past week that came up from the experience in the last workshop. (If you didn't attend the fist workshop you can still benefit from this one). After our opening remarks we will jump right in to movement! Starting off with stretches for the low back, hips, and chest. Once we are warm, loose and centered belly dance techniques and drills of those techniques will be taught. Choreography will follow utilizing the techniques we cover. The workshop will end with some group movement, stretches and veil sharing. To conclude we will discuss any emotions, thoughts, realizations, or body blocks that came up during this workshop. This is an open environment and a place to learn, share and grow. Come with an open heart and open mind.

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Cost per Workshop:  Members- $20, Non-Members- $25
Purchase Both Workshops: Members- $35, Non-Members- $45