Yoga To Help Those Who Help Others

Join us for a 75 minute Vinyasa Flow class led by Marlene Hanken to raise money for Elixir Fund.

This wonderful organization is dedicated to improving the comfort and care of cancer patients and their caregivers and is designed to help patients live a full and rich life during their treatment and beyond.  They provide support services to aid cancer patients as they undergo treatment and assist in handling day-to-day needs such as meals, transportation, home care services, and many of the other tasks routinely needed.  Services to comfort and ease the debilitation and rigors of cancer are also offered including therapeutic massages, makeovers, and meditation.  These little acts of comfort and care lift the spirits of cancer patients and help to relieve the side effects from their treatment.

Your donations will go toward the Elixir Fund through supporting Jeanine & Shelly as they run the New York City Marathon in November.

Minimum Donation: $10

70% of your donation will go to Elixir Fund.

To learn more about Elixir Fund or if you or a loved one are suffering from cancer, please visit their webstie at