Yoga etiquette varies from studio to studio, just as it does from one friend's home to the next.  Here's a couple of tips to help you get more comfortable in your new home away from home:

  • Arrive a bit early-try to get to the studio at least 10 minutes before class starts.  This will allow you to check in, get your mat down, grab any props you may need, and have a few words with your instructor and fellow classmates.  If you are new, arriving at least 15 minutes prior to your first class is recommended to fill out the necessary paperwork and get you registered.
  • When entering the studio, please remove your shoes-this helps keep unnecessary debris from entering the studio and ultimately ending up on your mat (or in your face!)
  • Turn OFF your cell phone-it is really distracting when a phone rings or even vibrates in class.  Please SHUT OFF your cell phone, or better yet, just leave your phone in your car.  After all, this next hour is about you!
  • Feel free to bring a beverage-you can bring in water or the beverage of your choice and drink anytime during class.
  • Clean your feet before class-baby wipes are provided in the changing rooms to help you keep your feet clean.  Clean feet are important-your feet are constantly in someone else's face in yoga and sometimes in your own!
  • Use the restroom before and after class-as a sign of respect for others, please avoid going to the restroom during class.  It can be distracting and sometime dangerous to disturb someone's focus while in a precarious yoga pose.  In the case of an emergency, wait until in between poses to use the restroom.
  • Chat it up!  Most studios don't want people talking before class in an effort to create a serene atmosphere.  Here, we wish to foster a community atmosphere, so we welcome you to chat with your fellow students and instructors before and after class.